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DevOpsDays 2018

The DevOpsDays is a conference series with events all over the globe aimed at further improving the concepts of DevOps within the community. A dedicated group of core organizers provide advice, but the events themselves are run by local volunteers. The 2018 DevOps days will be held on the 27th till the 29th of June and is full of inspiration for DevOps enthousiasts with speakers like Michael Ducy and Bridget Kromhout. Click here to find out more about the program.

In addition to sponsoring the DevOpsDays, our Senior DevOps consultant Arnold van Wijnbergen will try to teach the attendees something about ‘Why Tooling (Only) Isn’t The Answer’.

Preview: Why Tooling (Only) Isn’t The Answer…

NEWS: Atlassian Gold Solution Partnership for Devoteam

After years of working with Atlassian products, and multiple levels of partnerships, we have now been rewarded with an official Gold Atlassian Solution Partnership. Atlassian has granted us the Gold Solution Partnership based on the advanced knowledge and the successful track record of Devoteam.

Interview Arnold van Wijnbergen

Arnold has been working at Devoteam for about 11 years. Today he is Team Lead within our DevOps practice of more than 50 experts in total, which houses different communities from Monitoring to
Continuous Delivery. We spoke with Arnold about “why working for Devoteam is so much fun”.

Why would you recommend Devoteam to others?
Because you can really be who you are at Devoteam. It does not matter how you look, as long as you are good and passionate about what you do. We also have quite some outings / social things and colleagues are very open to each other. That open communication is very nice. It means that there are no major noticeable hierarchies in the workplace and that you can discuss new ideas with everyone, even the CEO. In addition, it is very cool to work with so many different skilled people from different practices. From techies to business consultants.

Knowledge sharing and expansion
Within Devoteam you get a lot of space for self-development. This is reflected in the deepening and broadening of your knowledge. In short, you get the ability to learn / develop yourself continuously.
There are also many knowledge sessions organized within Devoteam. In addition, there is plenty of room to come up with courses, workshops or certificates that make you stronger as a professional. From Automation, to specific monitoring, to containers, and so on.

Dynamic and changing working environment
For me, the variety between different projects is great fun. One day I work at customer A, the other day at customer B, and then two days at the office for example. Projects do not last longer than 6 months (most of the time), which results in a dynamic working environment.

'You can really be who you are at Devoteam. It does not matter how you look, as long as you are good and passionate about what you do.'

Arnold van WijnbergenTeam Lead DevOps

Interview Gert Jan van Halem

Gert Jan is all about, but definitely not limited to, IT process optimization. Currently he is part of a team that focusses on our Delivery Process Enablement solution, within the Devoteam DevOps practice.

“DevOps touches your whole IT organisation. Optimizing and automating the implementation of all changes within organisations, that is what I live for.” – Gert Jan van Halem

Why would you recommend Devoteam to others?
First of all we have a very nice team. At Devoteam you meet people who understand what they are about, and in my opinion it is always fascinating to work with passionate and skilled people. We really do have very smart and good people within Devoteam. Working in a team with brilliant minds in the biggest DevOps practice in the Netherlands is what gets up in the mornings. You also get a lot of freedom and trust. An example: One of my collegues came up with the idea to do something with DORA (DevOps Research Assessment by Gene Kim and Jezz Humble). We pitched the idea to different managers and two weeks later there was a partnership with DORA, including plans to get our people certified. In short, you get the ability to turn good ideas into reality.

Knowledge sharing and expansion
Another thing I would recommend is the sharing of knowledge in Devoteam. We organize KISS (Knowledge / Information Sharing Sessions) sessions, which are open to all team members and hosted by one of our own. The KISS could be about non-work related topics like poker, when someone is really enthusiastic about poker and wants to share his enthusiasm with co-workers, but it could also be a Design Thinking Workshop which is very useful for our way of thinking as a professional. And of course, if you want to specialize in a certain direction within your expertise, you get the ability to do so.

Dynamic and changing working environment
I like to be involved in different things. Occasionally I visit or speak at an event. Sometimes you will find me in our office, sometimes at a client’s office. I also like to involve myself in helping different ‘Devoteam strategy’ related projects. I also help with defining the DevOps trajectory for our Devoteam Futures (traineeship program). In short, you can arrange everything yourself if you take the initiative.

“DevOps touches your whole IT organisation. Optimizing and automating the implementation of all changes within organisations, that is what I live for.”

Gert Jan van HalemSenior DevOps Consultant

Interview Erick Segaar

Erick Segaar is ALM expert and senior consultant in our DevOps Unit. He has a love for learning, development and inspiring others. We talked with him about how it is to work for Devoteam.

“Interaction and knowledge sharing are a way to improve my professional self.” – Erick Segaar

Why would you recommend Devoteam to others?
Bert our CEO has a clear vision about how he wants Devoteam to be as an employer. Our focus is People first. Back office and support exist to help and unburden the consultants. We sell a product or service to our customers, but the best way to create or implement a product/service can be different for every case. We advise what the best way is, looking at the specific environment. We assemble the best team for the project. In our project teams we create the opportunity for young professionals to team up with seniors. This way the juniors get the opportunity to learn and grow with the supervision of experts. Increasing their learning curve and establishing fast growth towards seniority. For seniors this is a way to develop their coaching and training skills. I fully support this vision and way of working. You’re responsible for your own development inside Devoteam. If you’re willing to grow and develop yourself, Devoteam will support you.

Knowledge sharing and expansion
I create and provide training. I enjoy the interaction with peers. Interaction and knowledge sharing are a way to improve my professional self. There can’t be enough events around getting to know each other and sharing knowledge, and I see the arranged knowledge sessions (KISS’es) and events as a way to be more involved with my colleagues. I might even enjoy this part of work more than the projects themselves. Challenging ideas, soaking up new knowledge, you need inspiring colleagues for that. Working at a customer’s side is a way to develop myself on a more personal level. It gives me the opportunity to learn how to deal with organizations. The more informal events like a ski trip makes that you get to know your colleagues on a different level. In my experience these relationships are valuable in the rest of your career.

Dynamic and changing working environment
Most of the projects I did I arranged myself. I use my own network for this. As a consultant I’m able to challenge new customers and get new assignments that are interesting for me. I usually have two customers at the same time. This sometimes means that I put some of my own time in a project. I like the variation of having multiple projects at the same time.

You have a big saying in your career path at Devoteam. You are not treated as a number, something I did experience in other companies. If you’re looking for a company that supports you in your development, and the chance to experience different customers, Devoteam is the place to be.

“Interaction and knowledge sharing are a way to improve my professional self.”

Erick SegaarSenior DevOps Consultant

DevOps vacancies

We are looking for new DevOps colleagues to join Hans’s team.
On our vacancies website we have the following open positions: