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My onboarding as a Process Excellence consultant at Devoteam

My first days at Devoteam started with an onboarding, a period for every new colleague at Devoteam to get to know the company and your colleagues. Day 1 of the onboarding is the so-called “Welcome day”. Together with the other colleagues who will start in the same month, you spend a whole day at Devoteam’s The Hague office and get introduced to the ins and outs of Devoteam. You will also hear what the other new colleagues have done before Devoteam, and, amongst other things, your official company photo gets taken for your business cards.

The first few weeks

As a consultant, it is always exciting in the beginning. How quickly can you actually start with an assignment? For this, you examine the requests that come in and you are actively involved in picking assignments together with sales and your supervisor. Writing your motivation for that one special assignment and conducting intake interviews with clients are things that you will be doing a lot during the first month.

Of course, there is also enough time during the first month to get to know Devoteam, to work in the office and to get to know your colleagues. In the first week, I was immediately assigned a “buddy” who helped me with that. We visited colleagues (who are at a client working on a project) to hear and see what they do from day to day. I have also been involved in a pre-sales trajectory, which means that there is such a large (potential) assignment request, where an examination is first carried out to clarify the client’s needs, to be able to prepare a well-fitting quotation.

My first assignment as Devoteam Consultant

In the meantime, the effort to win my first assignment has paid off. I was told that I could get started within a week. The good thing is that this assignment is also related to the Dutch Social Domain, which was one of my main reasons for choosing Devoteam. I am very curious about what this assignment will bring me and I look forward to further developing myself.



Wendy Niblett

Senior Consultant Process Excellence


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